Reserving parking space for the moving truck can avoid long carry and save you time. Double parking is not the safest way of moving, we don't encourage it. Remember that the closer the moving truck is to your door, the less time is required to load and unload truck.



When should I schedule my moving date with Ontrack Moving?

When planning for relocation it's ideal to reserve a moving date at least three weeks prior to your move. We take on many reservations, and our calendar is always changing to accommodate our customers various needs. In order to ensure availability in such a busy industry, simply call our office and speak with one of our moving consultants! While it is recommended to plan in advance, we can still accommodate last minute bookings. Whether you decide to move tomorrow, or within the next few days or weeks, we are here to help as long as we have availability.

Getting a quote.

Requesting a quote is one of the first steps necessary in planning an upcoming move. There are many companies out there that will try to win your business with advertisement schemes and low promotional rates that include strategically hidden fees in the fine-print disclaimer. However! Here at OnTrack, we pride ourselves on being a transparent moving company with upfront and modest rates. We let our customers do the talking when it comes to the quality service we provide; you can hear the buzz on yelp.com or check us out on our website. Our Rates are hourly, and are determined by how many men are necessary to complete your move. There are a couple ways to go about requesting a quote here at OnTrack, You may enter our website and request a quote by leaving your name, contact information, your desired date and the cities you will be moving between, one of our consultants will contact you within 24 hours. You can also call our office at +1-888-914-8787, between our business hours of 9am- 6pm, Mon-Fri and Saturdays 10am-2pm. Upon calling into our office, you will be connected with one of our consultants who will gather information about your move and provide you with the right crew size and rate for your upcoming move.

What size is the moving truck?

Here at Ontrack, we prefer the use of 26 ft. enclosed dry van box trucks. The outside diameter is 37 feet long, 8’7”wide and 13’1” high.The cargo box inside measurements are 25’.2” long, 7’.8” wide and 8’1” high. The floor space is 192 sf. and can hold a total of 1,400 cubic feet with a maximum load capacity of 10,000 lbs. They are all equipped with hydraulic lift-gates providing our personnel with the perfect tool to deal with heavy objects. In particular scenarios that such a large truck is inappropriate, say your location is on an unusually narrow road with a steep grade or there is not space enough to get our truck there safely, we can make the necessary arrangements to ensure your unique situation is accommodated.

Does Ontrack Moving provide storage services?

Yes, Ontrack does storage! We even have our own private facility! All of our units are managed by our highly-organized experienced storage-specialists. The warehouse is climate/pest controlled, under 24-hour surveillance, and protected by our security systems so you may rest assured you’ve made the right choice for storing your things. Since we offer our storage exclusively to our valued clients, we include the free (continued) use of our moving blankets and wardrobe boxes to protect your items for the duration of your stay in our facility. Moving-out is easy, simply call our office and one of our consultants will arrange the delivery to your new home.

What’s included in Ontrack Moving local rates?

The free use of quilted pads to protect your furniture.
Free use of moving wardrobe boxes for your hanging clothes
Gas is also included, as well as any mileage.
Basic insurance* of 60 cents per pound per item.
No extra charge for stairs or long carry on local moves.
Highly-trained and experienced moving professionals.
Disassemble and reassemble of of furniture as need it.
*For your convenience additional insurance protection levels are available. For more information or to purchase extra insurance please visit "www.movinginsurance.com".

What is double drive time?

Double drive-time is a widely used term associated with the moving industry of this particular state. The California Public Utilities Commission requires all licensed moving companies to follow this rule. The sole purpose for said rule is to protect both you as a client and us as a business by fairly calculating the times charged for the initial drive to your location, transporting your items and also returning to our place of business. The way the C.P.U.C. has come about compromising both parties, is to disregard the time spent en route to your first location, as well as the time spent en route to our place of business after the move. However, to cover the expenses of the crew’s payroll and other fees that may be associated, we are to charge double-time between your first, to your second location. In essence, this rule is to ensure that you are only charged for driving-time that you are a witness to and know to be accurate. This double-time is calculated at the regular hourly-rate, and also figures into our three-hour minimum.

Are my belongings insured?

Included in your rate: Basic coverage of 60 cents per pound per article. It ensures recovery of 60 cents multiplied by the weight of the item. This is a very minimal protection and your goods are probably worth considerably more. Additional insurance can be purchased through "Movinginsurance.com" for your safety and convenience. For more information about purchasing additional insurance for your belongings please contact moving insurance directly by phone at 888-893-8835 or 24/7 at www.movinginsurance.com.

Connections and disconnections of appliances.

We can assist with the connection and disconnection of mayor appliances but it is the sole responsibility of the shipper (You) to ensure that these appliances are properly installed and serviced. Ontrack Moving connot assume any responsibility. While many of home appliances are fairly easy to uninstall or re-install we cannot predict what is going to happen when we handle the connections, circuits, hoses or valves. Keep in mind that we are licensed professional movers we do not hold a pluming or electrical license.

How do I file a claim?

You may file a claim in writing by email or by filling out the form in our "contact us" page. Briefly describe the item and where the external damage is located along with your full name, moving date, confirmation number and the best way to reach you. After we have receive your email we will reply with a receip confirmation. We may request pictures or additional information to further process your claim. It may take up to 60 days to finalize any claim.